Doctor by Profession, Tarot Cards Reader by Choice.

Born in a spiritual family in Mumbai, a typical metro city girl. I believe in God but also believe that you cannot have a blind faith in anything. When science and spirituality meet they teach you to see with your eyes and believe with your heart.

Being very close to my Grandfather I grew up listening to stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata and believing in one Supreme power who is always there to Guide you.

I was 14 years old when i was first introduced to the concepts of tarot cards, it fascinated me because unlike other means of fortune telling this was something very intriguing, you not only needed belief but also required the knowledge to understand and learn.

When I started learning how to predict the further it made me realize it wasn't about the pictures on the cards or what's written, it's about connecting to your inner self and the God above to guide you to the right path.

I pursue my career in medicine and went ahead to do my masters from New York University. But in my quest for knowledge I still and always look back for guidance and was never disappointed.

Today as a doctor or as an Astrologer my motive in life is to help people and bring smiles.