How Does Tarot Reading Work

Whenever i have someone new coming to me for a tarot session they always ask me, so how does this work?

Before you begin, the cards are shuffled or mixed together, now depending on the tarot reader, either the reader does this or the Querent does it. I prefer to shuffle cards on my own. Once that's done then comes the reading. A reading can be two things a Question based reading or an open reading.

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What are Tarot cards?

How Tarot cards really originated has been a Mystery, but the most accepted theory is - The first Tarot deck was created around the fifteen century as a game. There were four suits with cards numbered one through ten and also court cards that included a queen, king, knight and page. The deck also included 22 symbolic picture cards. People began referring to this deck as Tarocchi, which is an Italian version of the French word tarot. Read more>>





Humans are analytical people Whenever we meet someone new we always end up analyzing them Of course we're not right all the time Ever wondered if you could know the exact intentions of people in your life?  Like the intention of that friend who goes and gossips about you behind your back
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If you ever lived in Mumbai city you would know that we are somehow obsessed with the starlit Bollywood industry, And being born and bought up in this city when i hear the word Celebrity the first thing that comes to my head is Salman khan. He has a strong personality, and an interesting one too.
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I use almost 15 different deck of cards that have been created by pretty renowned tarot readers all throughout the world So when i think about if i was i given a chance to collaborate and make my own card it gives me jitters Every mystical character has already been a part of some or the other
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Inquisitiveness and curiosity is instilled in people and it's not different when it comes to tarot reading or tarot cards Weirdly enough when people imagine a tarot card reader They imagine a woman wearing a flowing robe, with some hundred rings on her fingers leaning over a small table with a candle
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Fear..the crux to a lot of wrong decisions we take in life or the reason we get stuck in our path this is exactly Why this card is my least favorite card FEAR it instills fear in people whenever they see it as a part of their tarot reading but before getting into it let's talk about the card first.
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