written by Minal| November 6, 2017

If you ever lived in Mumbai city you would know that we are somehow obsessed with the starlit Bollywood industry, And being born and bought up in this city when i hear the word Celebrity the first thing that comes to my head is Salman khan. He has a strong personality, and an interesting one too.

 Tarot consists of 78 cards, but it has a section of cards known as Court cards or people's cards, these cards primarily reflect personality traits and characteristics of people. Now not in every situation will they be used to link to a person's personality but can also represent a situation or an event happening in the person's life. These cards are made of 4 types KINGS, QUEENS, KNIGHTS AND PAGES.

If i had to match Mr. Salman khan to a card some 10 years ago, it would be the Knight of swords.

Knights -They have enough experience to know what they're doing, but the trouble is that that do not have the full life experience that the King has, thus they are prone to being extremists. Such feelings and behavior can be either positive or negative depending on the situations and circumstances. Knight of swords- they on the positive side have the determination to do and achieve what they put to their mind, but on the negative side they are bound to the consequences of their actions

but today if i had to match him to a card it would be,


The King of Pentacles KingThey are mature people, whohave a control on their feelings, emotions and actions, they are capable of managing themselves and providing directions to others As a lot of new Actors in the Film industry take advices and follow Mr. khan this card matches his personality today.
King of Pentacles- they represent abundance, ambition, power, stability, discipline, and control in a person



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