written by Minal| November 6, 2017

I use almost 15 different deck of cards that have been created by pretty renowned tarot readers all throughout the world So when i think about if i was i given a chance to collaborate and make my own card it gives me jitters

Every mystical character has already been a part of some or the other writers and makers tarot decks so of-course this one isn't different but i have a profound liking towards mermaids and dolphins and that's why I would want to use those two as a part of my card in a tarot deck

We grow up listening to fairy tales and somewhere every girl actually imagines to Be a princess or a fairy in their life, how can i be different then?But mermaids somehow always attracted me.

When you look at them they are so beautiful even though they're half Human and half fish they always look astounding as if Making you believe that

You see the woman the Empress with blond hair sitting in a comfortable way wearing a crown of stars that shows us her connection to the angels and has a very positive affirming and calm aura around her Whenever i look at this card I think it gives a very calm vibe.

 I can actually imagine a mermaid sitting on a rock half immersed In water wearing a similar crown and having a similar calm aura that would bring a smile on anyone's face. She would have scales of pink and blue and the sky would be painted in colours of dawn, I would also want to add two dolphins jumping out of the water right behind her, as if they depict a celebration or an happiness that's going to come into your life this also helps as in the Empress card the pomegranate robe she wears depicts fertility, so the dolphins could mean that it's time to celebrate for someone new coming into your life.

It's all a figment of my quaint imagination...but i hope it paints the picture i wanted it to



A doctor by profession and a tarot cards reader by choice, Born in a spiritual family in Mumbai, a typical metro city girl. I believe in God but also believe that you cannot have a blind faith in anything. When science and spirituality meet they teach you to see with your eyes and believe with your heart. Being very close to my Grandfather I grew up listening to stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata and believing in one Supreme power who is always there to Guide you.Read More >>

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