written by Minal| November 6, 2017

Humans are analytical people Whenever we meet someone new we always end up analyzing them Of course we're not right all the time Ever wondered if you could know the exact intentions of people in your life?  Like the intention of that friend who goes and gossips about you behind your back? Or intent of that guy who just told you he likes you, but don't exactly know what He wants Or the intention of that ex who suddenly is begging you to take him back If yes, then Tarot reading is your answer Tarot reading only requires the person's name and you can know everything about Them!

For example My last client came to me and said she is loosing a lot of friends And she's hearing a lot of rumors about her, but she doesn't know Who's spreading all these things against her, I asked her if she knows a name, she said she doubts her best friend Turns out she was right! Her friend was jealous of her popularity Always has been. Not everybody's intentions can be wrong But it's better to know how people is the guy I am thinking to get married to Is the right one? Does he love me like i love him? You might actually be surprised with the results. There are a lot of such important questions that a Tarot reading session can answer



A doctor by profession and a tarot cards reader by choice, Born in a spiritual family in Mumbai, a typical metro city girl. I believe in God but also believe that you cannot have a blind faith in anything. When science and spirituality meet they teach you to see with your eyes and believe with your heart. Being very close to my Grandfather I grew up listening to stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata and believing in one Supreme power who is always there to Guide you.Read More >>

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