written by Minal| August 23, 2017

Fear..the crux to a lot of wrong decisions we take in life or the reason we get stuck in our path this is exactly Why this card is my least favorite card FEAR it instills fear in people whenever they see it as a part of their tarot reading but before getting into it let's talk about the card first.

Now let's look at the card

It shows a tall tower atop a craggy mountain, like its just about to topple, The lightening from the sky strikes it and burst in flames even imagining this is a little scary for people

You see flames coming out of the building windows (If you actually counted the flames on this card there are 22 flames representing the 22 major Arcana), you see people jumping off the tower in desperation to save their life and escape the turmoil.

Why is this my least favorite? We all live very guarded in our lives, wrapped in a safe cocoon, and we like that protected feeling to live in the narrow confines of our dreams and expectations. Now imagine if suddenly out of the blue something unexpected destroys our peace and realize your dreams and expectations are not based on a steady foundation and actually may be destroyed...scary isn't it?

 that's what this card tells us,

 nothing is permanent!

 but if that's the case why is this a part of the Tarot deck?

1. Sometimes you need to have such frightening experiences in life so that you come out stronger and more powerful.

 2. So that you are warned of the situation that might occur in your life and you can either avoid or at least prepare yourself to fight the situation.



A doctor by profession and a tarot cards reader by choice, Born in a spiritual family in Mumbai, a typical metro city girl. I believe in God but also believe that you cannot have a blind faith in anything. When science and spirituality meet they teach you to see with your eyes and believe with your heart. Being very close to my Grandfather I grew up listening to stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata and believing in one Supreme power who is always there to Guide you.Read More >>

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